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Energy Efficient Lighting for Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery, celebrating its 41st birthday in 2012, has a bright future. Now bathed in the electroluminescence of 200 newly retrofitted LED lamps its collection of American-made craft comes alive.

The gallery, housed in a century-old building, had some shadows on the showroom floor that left pockets of artwork in the dark. 

The electrical capacity of the building at 1421 Pearl Street had reached its limit and the number of energy-hungry halogen bulbs that could be used was at a maximum. The directors discovered that it was possible to increase brightness, reduce energy consumption and qualify for up to 45% in rebates by replacing T12 fluorescent and halogen bulbs with T8 and LED bulbs.

A portion of the rebates are the tail end of a flow of support from ARRA, the Obama administration’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Another portion also comes from Xcel energy, who offers rebate money based on future projected energy savings.

With the help of a Boulder County Energy Efficiency and Sustainability expert and UNICO, the owners of the 100 year-old Eldrich Building where the gallery is located, Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery has LED the way into a new era.

Seeing is believing! Come by Boulder Arts & Crafts and experience the full spectrum of the future.
– Priscilla Cohan, BAC PR