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Artist Spotlight: Rob Wardell

We invite you to stop by the Coop April 5 – June 26  to take in the expressive watercolors of  our 

Featured Artist: Rob Wardell


Rob Wardell is a Boulder mixed media artist. Rob received his Master’s degree in studio arts from the
University of Colorado in the late seventies and was represented by galleries in Denver, Sedona, Taos, and Boulder.

His art career was side tracked with the arrival of his two children. Rob became the primary care giver, as his wife, Kathryn, traveled much of the year with her work. Painting and raising two small children at the same time was not a recipe for success with either endeavor. Since the kids were, obviously, time sensitive, he ceased painting until the children were off to college.

Back at it for the last 10 years, Rob has participated in New York Art Expo and focuses on showing his work at numerous art fairs throughout the West.

All of Rob’s work is on canvas. He incorporates thick layers of gesso, hardboard, sand, gel mediums, pine needles, watercolor paper, cardboard, twine, tree wrap, drywall tape, etc. into his paintings in order to produce depth, texture and subtle shadows. Color and the tactile quality of his work are key to his painting.

Come on over and check it out – more art by our Featured Artist Rob Wardell is hanging inside the Coop as well. Our friendly staff is always on hand to help you find this and other artwork to enhance your home, office or for the perfect gift for upcoming special events: Mother’s Day and CU Graduation.