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Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Plata Designs!

Plata was founded in 1987 in Vail and has been producing handmade pieces ever since! Their theory of keeping the level of production small and creating each individual piece by hand ensures that the quality of work surpasses that of any mass-produced design.

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You may think of your patio as a place to grill dinner, but it’s so much more than that! It’s a simple project to make your outdoor decor come together in a way that is stylish and elegant. Here, our experts have chosen their favorite one-of-a-kind items that will really make your patio arrangement stand out. → Read more

This week’s artist spotlight is on Mary + Lou Ann. We love their creative methods and choice of materials, include sterling silver and mixed metals with powdercoating colorwork. Everything is designed and hand crafted in their studio. Their current body of work is inspired by architecture, geometry, texture and patterns in form and color.

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Largely self taught as a jeweler, this week’s artist spotlight is on Jena Matzen, who first made jewelry at age 13 with Navajo silversmiths. Metalsmithing is her passion. She enjoys experimenting with the creative process, working from sketched ideas or sometimes just beginning to manipulate her raw materials. She draws inspiration from many sources: nature, architecture, and both ancient and modern culture.

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With Boulder StartUp Week taking place in Boulder this week, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite technie gifts.¬†Form and function mingle in some of these beautiful handcrafted pieces, and some are just for fun! → Read more