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Artist Spotlight: Jena Matzen

Largely self taught as a jeweler, this week’s artist spotlight is on Jena Matzen, who first made jewelry at age 13 with Navajo silversmiths. Metalsmithing is her passion. She enjoys experimenting with the creative process, working from sketched ideas or sometimes just beginning to manipulate her raw materials. She draws inspiration from many sources: nature, architecture, and both ancient and modern culture.

To Jena, jewelry is an intimate form of expression. Adorning the body, a piece of jewelry expresses much about the wearer. Simple, evocative designs that can be enjoyed and worn every day are what Jena aims for in her metalwork.


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Many materials appear in Jena’s pieces. Traditional metals such as silver, gold, copper and bronze combine with hand pigmented resins, enamels, fused glass, pearls and stones.

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