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Artist Spotlight: Plata Designs

Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Plata Designs!

Plata was founded in 1987 in Vail and has been producing handmade pieces ever since! Their theory of keeping the level of production small and creating each individual piece by hand ensures that the quality of work surpasses that of any mass-produced design.

It also fits in with Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery’s mission of providing you, the consumer with an eye for great design, with an opportunity to wear unique handcrafted work of a North American artisan.

Exceptional Quality!

A piece from this gemstone and river pearl collection will be worn for years to come Click here to see our Plata Jeweler collection!



From Plata: PLATA, meaning “silver” in Spanish, is a collection of asymmetrical, handcrafted pieces embellished with natural gemstones and fresh water pearls all intricately woven together with gold vermeil, gold filled or sterling silver. Every piece is inspired by the colors in nature and contemporary art.