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Giving the gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day 2018 is a special way to say “I Love You”. Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery carries original & unique jewelry to make the day even more special. → Read more

Carolyn Beezley: Owner/Member

Carolyn Beezley’s jewelry designs have a certain balance and geometry that will delight, and many pieces have an element of movement that will catch the eye. → Read more

The National Western Stock Show is in full swing and many of you will be out there this weekend and next to enjoy the rodeos and more. We invite you to stop by our store or shop online to commemorate this event for the horse lover. → Read more

Upgrade your warm beverage game

We put a lot of thought into which coffee, tea or cocoa we drink each day. And the ritual that goes along with it is just as important. Be sure your vessel and accessories are as special as the drink itself. Here are our top picks for mugs, tea bag holders and more! → Read more


While garnet comes from the word gernet, meaning ‘dark red’ in middle english, it is also derived from the latin, granatum, referencing the pomegranate. These aluminum silicate stones form in many colors and varieties. Here I am focusing on the seeds of the fruit of Persephone, or the deep red garnets that bring to mind those mythical seeds. → Read more