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Finding New Artists

Ever wonder where we find such fantastic artists and products? One of the places we love to go every year is NY NOW, a trade show held twice a year in New York City. It is a favorite for finding out what’s new and trending in artisan gifts and jewelry. American Craft Council and American Craft Retailer Expo are two others we attend often, and always come home recharged about the works of handcrafted artisan goods.

We love meeting up with some of our current artists at trade shows. And we always seem to leave with new friends whose art we will now carry in our store in Boulder, CO.

Another way we find artists is that at heart, we are a bunch of nomads who love to travel, meet new people and seek out and shop with local artisans far and wide. Many artists whose products we carry come with a good story of ‘how we met’ and friendships that have lasted decades. Next time you are in our store and wonder about the connection, please ask! We probably have a good story behind how the artist came to be in our gallery.

For many years we have talked about opening up our shelves to artists outside of North America. This year’s travels to NY NOW, ACC and ACRE really solidified this concept.  We continue to be wow-ed by handmade products from around the world. We feel our mission of bringing you handmade gifts and products is ready to expand globally with carefully curated items that we have hand picked for their aesthetics and beauty.

Hence, next time you are in our shop, in addition to our OUTSTANDING selection of local arts and crafts, you may find the perfect handmade gift from somewhere other than North America. We can honestly say it’s the best of the best!

Photos from NY NOW with our own Marguerite Specht:

Current Jewelry Designers: Sarah Richardson | Elaine B

Soon to be arriving in our store: Oscar Wentjes of Green Glass Company | Joseph and Stacey of Stacy Lee Webber