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Ruby: July Birthstone

When you are inspired to find a stone with meaning and beauty do you explore birthstone characteristics, historical significance or personal preference? Ruby is an excellent choice that covers all. Ruby is noble, regal, it is chi and life force, it is the blood of the historic warrior and the magic of the goddess.

In the yoga lexicon the ruby is the stone of the root chakra. It is associated with chi or life force moving through the body supplying energy and confidence. Wearing rubies is a way to honor self and cultivate positive self-awareness.

Rubies, related to sapphires in every way except color, are a hard corundum aluminum oxide mineral. They vary in color from sweet pinks to blood reds. When it comes in any other than red or pink it is considered a sapphire. Ruby is a rare stone. Therefore it can be expensive and difficult to find. Most noteworthy, excellent specimens come from Myanmar.

Nancy Ellinghaus Sapphire ruby pendant diamond hand-forged

Nancy Ellinghaus Silver Pendants with Faceted Sapphire and Ruby, each with a little Diamond.

Ruby and Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery Artists

Several of our Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery Artists offer exquisite hand crafted jewelry that feature rubies in many forms. Ananda Khalsa draws inspiration from natural forms and vibrant luminosity of natural gemstones. She strives to capture the precious quality found in ancient jewelry, while creating pieces with a modern sensibility. All of the gems used are hand picked for their unique and exceptional characteristics.

Boulder’s own Bruce Iden is a gem wizard. From years of selecting and forming stones for his unique and classic settings he knows stones like nobody’s business. Carla Caruso’s language is the sweetest variety of stone and precious metals. Her delicate designs emphasize the most magical of stones selected for luminosity and color. Marguerite Specht chooses precious ruby to balance designs. Her beaded designs can be created entirely from one variety of stone or have one exquisite ruby be a shining supporting character in talented ensemble cast of gemstones.