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Sapphires: September Birthstone

A purer sapphire melts into the sea fourteen karat gold ring bruce idenSapphire is the birthstone of September and is often synonymous with the rich deep blue that is transparent and as luminescent as a diamond. These tough stones can also come in yellow, purple, pink, orange, green and clear.  It is a super hard corundum, or aluminum oxide, that makes it transparent and very hard.  Traces of other elements imbue sapphires with this range of colors, including, iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium

It is this range of color and luminosity that we love at Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery. These pieces display the broader view of this most delicious corundum.

Pink Sapphire necklace by Marguerite Specht

Often associated with wisdom, sapphires are said to protect from sorcery and help with mental clarity. Perhaps because the blue sapphire is like the blue sea, it is the calm beneath the waves that inspires depth of thought. What connects the spectrum of rich colors is the hard, crystal-like transparency. Sapphires are a concentration of dazzling beauty. They are pure essence in all forms, from rough-cut to faceted beads to cabochon star. Sapphires always seem to contain an ancient beauty.

Sapphires make great gifts for those with September birthdays!

The jewelry featured in this blog can be found for sale on our website and in our store located at 1421 Pearl St. Since each item is unique we recommend a visit to 1421 Pearl or a phone call to the gallery to learn what wonderful pieces await.

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White Sapphire earrings by Emily Rosenfeld