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Topaz and Citrine: November Birthstones

Citrine and topaz jewelry makes a wonderful gift for a November birthday.

Imperial or golden topaz is a naturally occurring color and the color most associated with the November birthstone, though it is also found in blue, pink or clear. Inclusions will often break apart a stone or even explode when exposed to irradiation, verifying that most imperial topaz, or topaz with inclusions is a naturally occurring color giving off a dancing light.

Topaz is a knowledge stone.  Holding and wearing topaz can open the throat chakra and lead to verbal and mental acuity. It helps to cut through those distractions and down the shortest path to success.

Citrine’s natural autumn hues contain a transparent quartz composed of silicon dioxide. Its yellow tint comes from iron. It is often found in large quantities, unlike many other gemstones, and subsequently cut down to other shapes and sizes. Citrine is found in igneous rocks, as the result of intense heat, and metamorphic rocks, such as granite.

It is popular among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts because it is easy to maintain. So long as the it is kept out of heat, citrine can last forever. Derived from heat, it is easily affected by the sun. Leaving it in the sun can result in changes of color, so it imperative not to leave it out for too long.