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Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz: December Birthstone


Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz December Birthstones

Opaque turquoise has a sub-microscopic structure phosphate with a hardness of 5 6. Copper contributes to the cyan blue color and when more iron is present it tends toward green. Culturally, the use of turquoise to make beads is older than any other known stone beads. It comes from Iran, Afganistan, Australia, Tibet and the American Southwest. The name comes from the French word for Turkish.

This powerful stone helps with communication and the 5th or throat chakra. Wear it to promote good communication and spiritual wholeness.

Tanzanite named from Tanzania where is was first discovered in 1967. It is a blue to blue violet Zoisite. The name Tanzanite was introduced by Tiffany and Co. and is now an accepted name. According to Robert Simmons, who co-wrote The Book of Stones with Naisha Ahsian, it is the stone that most effectively integrates the energies of the heart and the mind. Need we say more?

Most blue topaz, that we think of as topaz has been bombarded with sub-atomic particles to enhance, bring forth, the various shades. This irradiation can happen in the original geological habitat of the stone, but more often in modern times it happens is a particle accelerator or and nuclear reactor.  Though contemporary topaz blues are no longer radioactive, the color can fade slightly if exposed to prolonged sunrays.

The two most common colors of irradiated blue topaz are “swiss” blue and “London” blue. An abundance of clear topaz and the science of changing the molecular structure and color of the stones, have lead to an abundance of the blue topazes.