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Thea Tenenbaum: Saying Goodbye to Founding Member and Potter

Thea Tenenbaum was a long time member of the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery.

Thea Tenenbaum, 1948-2019

After studying pottery with Betty Woodman at the Pottery Lab in Boulder, she joined Boulder Arts and Crafts in 1972. In those early years the Coop, as it was known, consisted of a handful of craftsman who wanted to sell their work and run the store.

Thea quickly developed her style and left for England to study pottery at the Harrow School in England. She completed 2 years there and then moved to Italy where she found her husband and partner Raffaele Malferrari. Together they started making pottery and lived outside Bologna until they moved back to Boulder in 1985 and rejoined the Boulder Arts and Crafts Cooperative.

Every year, Thea traveled to Italy with Raffaele, where she would write and enjoy the colors of the region that translated to her free style decorations on terra cotta.

Thea devoted her life to making pottery and to her community. She worked in her garden in the early morning and the rest of the day she made the vessels to serve the food she grew. A good recipe was as important as the dish it was served on.

Thea was an active and vibrant member of our Gallery, serving on the board and greeting everyone with open arms. Long before it became mainstream, Thea was a voice who believed in local and sustainable communities that support artists, shops and farms. Her generous spirit, laughter and warmth will be missed.