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Please join us Friday, July 28, 6-8pm to meet local artists:

Quinton Maldonado – Traditional Native American Ledger Art

Bill Ervin – Landscape and Wildlife Photography

Girls Painters West Group – Plein Aire Painting

Joel Bruce Wallach – Digital Impressionism

We will be joined by The Wallpaper House Band. Stop in for refreshments, a gallery full of creativity and live music! → Read more

This week our Artist Spotlight is on Kathleen Krucoff.  Kathleen’s earrings and necklaces are popular with locals and visitors alike with exceptional details and craftsmanship discernible in each piece. → Read more

Which Category Fits You?

1. Long time Colorado resident 2. Recent transplant 3. Moved away from our beautiful state 4. Visiting from far away

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This week we feature the artistry of Jeff and Myan Sorensen, also known as Dancing Elk Designs in the jewelry world.

Jeff & Myan have been making unique jewelry from naturally shed deer & elk antler since 1989. Both artists have studied art and explored other mediums settling on the raw material that is so generously available in the 10,000 acres of wilderness behind their home in Southern Colorado.

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When someone hears the word “bugs”, you get one of two reactions: a scrunched up nose or a big smile! We know we need them in our ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean they don’t startle us sometimes.

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