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We invite you to stop by the Coop May 3 – June 11 to see the unique illustrations of

Featured Artist: Matt Reese

Matt Reese works in the Boulder area as a web developer, but in his free time he enjoy drawing and the results of that free time are shown here.  Matt works primarily in Photoshop and has been illustrating with a tablet for about a decade now. He tries to keep positive with his work by creating friendly and unique images. Aside from coding and drawing, Matt also enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, reading, and finding random things to watch on Netflix.


We invite you to stop by the Coop May 3 – June 11 for a look at whimsical paintings inspired by Colorado

Featured Artist: Erin Huybrechts Davis

Erin Huybrechts Davis has been an artist her entire life.  A wanderer, traveler, philosopher and naturalist, Erin has a constant stream of new ideas for producing works of art. Born in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, and now residing in Colorado, the mountains and woods have served as a constant source of inspiration.  The majority of Erin’s artworks contain elements of nature; animals, plants, weather, and ecosystems.

Erin is an artist in a holistic sense; while painting is her primary focus as an artist, she also is an illustrator, potter, and teacher.  Erin lives in Longmont with her husband and two young children. Her studio space is in her home where she enjoys spending time painting each day. Erin’s paintings are made with acrylic and spray paint on board with recycled wooden frames.

We all know Moms (and those who are like moms to us!) deserve something special on their day of recognition: Mother’s Day. We’ve handpicked some unique handmade items for you to have a peek for inspiration. These are some of the best one-of-a-kind gift ideas we have, focusing on jewelry this week (more next week!)

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We invite you to stop by the Coop April 5 – June 26  to take in the expressive watercolors of  our 

Featured Artist: Rob Wardell


Rob Wardell is a Boulder mixed media artist. Rob received his Master’s degree in studio arts from the University of Colorado in the late seventies and was represented by galleries in Denver, Sedona, Taos, and Boulder. → Read more

We invite you to stop by the Coop March 22 – April 30  to take in the expressive watercolors of  our 

Featured Artist: Jacque Michelle

A Boulder resident since 1984, Jacque Michelle is a creator of colorful & expressive art. She enjoys the beauty, mystery and challenge of creating art. She has learned to trust the creative process, tapping into poetic and structural aspects of painting.  → Read more