This video is about Boulder artist Harriet Peck Taylor. She is filmed in her studio by Kristen Law. The sweet and informative short video is set to original music by Kent Young. Watching it you get a good sense of who Harriet is. You can see how her inspiration and skill blend to make her colorful narrative paintings on silk. Her original paintings are full of spirit. → Read more

We invite you to stop by the Coop April 5 – June 26  to take in the expressive watercolors of  our 

Featured Artist: Rob Wardell


Rob Wardell is a Boulder mixed media artist. Rob received his Master’s degree in studio arts from the University of Colorado in the late seventies and was represented by galleries in Denver, Sedona, Taos, and Boulder. → Read more

We invite you to stop by the Coop March 22 – April 30  to take in the expressive watercolors of  our 

Featured Artist: Jacque Michelle

A Boulder resident since 1984, Jacque Michelle is a creator of colorful & expressive art. She enjoys the beauty, mystery and challenge of creating art. She has learned to trust the creative process, tapping into poetic and structural aspects of painting.  → Read more

About the Ruby

When you are inspired to find a stone with meaning and beauty do you explore birthstone characteristics, historical significance, personal preference or do you consider a myriad of various external circumstances? Ruby is an excellent choice whether you are a July baby, a king or a person with exceptional taste. Ruby is noble, regal, it is chi and life force, it is the blood of the → Read more

Aquamarine and Beryl

My mother’s father’s first cousin was named Beryl. This part of the family is from the coal-rich mining towns of West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Beryl is an unusual woman’s name and it stuck me as being interesting and beautiful. It conjures images of the Appalachian mountains where my mother’s family is from. It is a region of coal mining, rhododendron and granite cliffs that jut out from verdant hillsides.  Beryl, (beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate), a stone found in this region, is the mother of aquamarine. → Read more

A Calming Effect

Amethyst gets her name from the Greek amethystos, without drunkenness. Since the archaic age of Greek history, this luscious wine colored stone has born the meaningful association with sobriety. → Read more