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This video is about Boulder artist Harriet Peck Taylor. She is filmed in her studio by Kristen Law. The sweet and informative short video is set to original music by Kent Young. Watching it you get a good sense of who Harriet is. You can see how her inspiration and skill blend to make her colorful narrative paintings on silk. Her original paintings are full of spirit. → Read more

August 2013 – Barbara McKee’s idea of heaven is a good FAT new project. This project might be reproducing Van Goghs Starry Night in stained glass on an arched 4×4 panel; or making a bookcase that is a false door which swings open to reveal a bathroom when you cock a gun built into its face; or in a detailed botanical illustration, painting the pun of a globe artichoke with both leaves and continents drawn in; or maybe playing the bagpipes at someones funeral. No matter what, its just another thing she has taught herself, transforming everything into art. → Read more

Want a recommendation of a great book to read? Want to take riding lessons on a well-loved horse? Want to learn about bravery and fortitude? Want to learn to appreciate and make kiln-worked glass? Call Robin G., a Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery member since 1990. → Read more

Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery, celebrating its 41st birthday in 2012, has a bright future. Now bathed in the electroluminescence of 200 newly retrofitted LED lamps its collection of American-made craft comes alive.

The gallery, housed in a century-old building, had some shadows on the showroom floor that left pockets of artwork in the dark. 

The electrical capacity of the building at 1421 Pearl Street had reached its limit and the number of energy-hungry halogen bulbs that could be used was at a maximum. The directors discovered that it was possible to increase brightness, reduce energy consumption and qualify for up to 45% in rebates by replacing T12 fluorescent and halogen bulbs with T8 and LED bulbs. → Read more