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We have Valentine gifts galore! How about a heart? → Read more

Today we feature new arrivals by Kathleen Krucoff. We’re excited about this series with leaf cut outs that really pop the designs. Shop online by clicking the link below, or stop by our store for a wider selection. → Read more

A Calming Effect

February’s birthstone is the lustrous amethyst. Amethyst gets her name from the Greek amethystos, “without drunkenness”. Since the archaic age of Greek history, this luscious wine colored stone has born the meaningful association with sobriety. → Read more

Giving the gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day 2018 is a special way to say “I Love You”. Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery carries original & unique jewelry to make the day even more special. → Read more

Carolyn Beezley: Owner/Member

Carolyn Beezley’s jewelry designs have a certain balance and geometry that will delight, and many pieces have an element of movement that will catch the eye. → Read more