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2017 Calendar


April 3 – June 26  Rob Wardell

All of Boulder artist Rob Wardell’s work is on canvas.
He incorporates thick layers of gesso, hardboard, sand,
gel mediums, pine needles, watercolor paper,
cardboard, twine, tree wrap, drywall tape, etc. into his
paintings in order to produce depth, texture and
subtle shadows. Color and the tactile quality of
his work are key to his painting.




June 14 – July 23   Jon Tamm 

I have been painting oil paint landscapes, still lifes, and portraits using the plein air approach for 25 years. Learning to really see the subtleties of light and then trying to represent that in paint calls for a high level craftsmanship. My grandfather, a nationally known artist, has been my greatest influence, and is the reason why I became a painter.

Reception for the artist – Friday, June 16 from 6 – 8 pm
Live acoustic music by the Wallpaper House Band





June 26 – October 2  Girls Painters West Group

Welcome to the Girl Painters West Art Show.
This group of painters has spent many a fine hour painting plein aire under the inspiring skies of Colorado and New Mexico, to name a few of the gorgeous locations we call our own for art inspirations. Our belief in painting the dramatic story of the Western Landscape, and our love of expressing our visions finds us creating works of beauty to share with our art community. Artists featured include:  Alice Renouf, Laurie Donlon, Margot Rowan, Lancene Cadera, Penny Peterson, Jacque Michelle, and Laura Brenton.

Reception for the artists – Friday, July 28 from 6 – 8 pm. Music by the Wallpaper House Band



July 26 – September 3   Joel Bruce Wallach 

The bold digital impressionism of Joel Bruce Wallach uses vibrant patterns and sparkling colors to create intricate and powerfully enchanting art — jewel-like images of Boulder County that inspire and delight.

Reception for the artist – Friday, July 28 from 6 – 8 pm






September 6 – October 22   Dianne Taylor Moore

Dianne Taylor Moore currently specializes in pastel paintings, which have become a serious passion, taking her outdoors to paint on site. “There is no substitute for seeing the colors first hand.”

Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina she now lives in Boulder, Colorado. Exaggerated reality and the boldness of Nature are the foundations of her work.
Reception for the artist Saturday, September 9th from 2 – 4 pm.