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Today’s artist spotlight is on jewelry designer Diane Kuligowski. Diane was a potter for many years before making the switch to jewelry. You can only imagine the change in going from creating your work from something that is soft and pliable to something that seems so sharp and hard.  → Read more

Today’s spotlight is on Steve Briggs. Steve is a local artist-potter who loves to get his hands dirty by finding, digging, slaking and sieving local clays and slips with which to make pottery.


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Today’s artist spotlight is on Mullanium. Mullanium earring, pins and treasure box designs are influenced by nature, combining natural materials with found and recycled objects to give a time-worn yet renewed feeling to their sculptures, small boxes & jewelry. → Read more

Kevin Brady has been making wands for over 20 years. Every magic wand piece is built by hand by Kevin, and no two are EVER alike. These handcrafted wands are constructed of the finest exotic hardwoods and hardwood burls, sterling silver, copper, precious and semiprecious stones, expertly tuned crystals and more. → Read more

Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Anita Gronstedt. Anita makes Sami Lapland bracelets by hand, based on tradition of reindeer leather, pewter and antler but using new techniques, designs and colors: high quality vegetable tanned reindeer leather, hand twinned pewter thread (nickel free) with 4% silver added to it and naturally shed reindeer antler buttons. → Read more