Janice Larson

In my acrylic paintings and drawings I use a variety of mixed media techniques to achieve the look I am after.  The materials I use are primarily colored pencils, Copic markers, acrylic paint, various papers and textures achieved by applying heavy structure gel.  I find my subject matter from places and things that please me, most often it is in my own garden.

I am also exploring Assemblage Art and Textile Art using the same mixed media approach as I use in my paintings, but using a different mix of materials.  Embroidery thread and cording, beads and found objects, paper and giclee prints of my paintings are all incorporated into these works.

My career path as Art Educator, Graphic Designer, Basket Maker, Floral Designer and Studio Artist have helped to sharpen my skills.  I am never about achieving a total realistic presentation of my subject, but instead it is my wish to create more of a magical and unusual peek at the world.