Leaf Leather

Leaf Leather has been making hand tooled leather bags and wallets with beautifully raised leaf patterns for over 30 years in classic styles. Their fans want to wear it, caress it, and hold it for as long as they can.

They also do their best to ‘buy local.’ The hand-tags come from an old school printer in NYC. The leather, lining, zippers and hardware are all bought from American companies. These bags are built to last.

Many of their purses and handbags include pockets for sunglasses and phones and are lined with leather, not cloth.

No leaf has ever touched the leather! Surprised?  Leaf Leather is a tactile and visual experience. Like a painting, each piece is an original work of art, as no two pieces are exactly alike!

These are some of the patterns that may appear on the Leaf Leather wallet or purse you purchase: