Sterling & Steel

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The story of “Sterling & Steel” is really a story about contrast and compliment.

Nicole grew up in the Colorado Rockies, living in Nederland until the age of nine, when she moved to the city of Boulder. She specializes in sterling silver for her fine jewelry.

Harry grew up in the deserts and mountains of Arizona, living off grid and remote until moving to a small tree farm nine miles from Sedona when he was thirteen. Harry has worked as a farrier and blacksmith, thus the steel.

Combined, they became Sterling & Steel and haven’t looked back. There is nothing new in using heat and hammers to transform hard metal into a material soft and pliable as silk, before carefully allowing it to cool and assume its final shape. But in the right hands, the craftsmanship and results are stunning, inviting, tangible, lasting with a style that fits with any decor.

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