Steve Briggs

Steve Briggs is a local artist-potter who loves to get his hands dirty by finding, digging, slaking and sieving local clays and slips with which to make pottery.

From Steve: “I have been making clay things for many years in my studio in Coal Creek Canyon.  My shop is full of kilns, potter’s wheels and many bags and buckets of materials.

I like pottery that is dynamic, rather than static, that doesn’t give up all of itself the first time it is used, or looked at.  I like pottery that suggests patterns, but backs off from symmetry.  I like pottery that is not too slick, or clever or overstated.  I like to see some excitement in the piece, some indication of the passion of the potter with a line or color or texture.”

This pottery is safe for: oven, dishwasher, microwave.

Read more about his language of clay here

Steve makes a wide variety of serving pieces, including full dinnerware sets. Please call or email our store to see what’s currently in stock or start your custom order: 303-443-3683 |