Picture Frame by Grant Noren

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Product Description

Wood Picture Frame by Grant Noren.

Frame size: 10.5 x 8.5

Photo size: 4 x 6

There are three parts to a finish:

  • First – An underlay of stain or paint is applied.
  • Second – A casein emulsion, usually buttermilk and pigment are mixed and used as a glaze. This is applied in and manipulated in myriad ways. There are metal and rubber combs, many headed brushes for graining and veining. Rags, sponges, stippling brushes, fists and fingers clearly leave their imprint. The hand of the artist? No question!
  • Third – Several rich layers of lacquer are applied to protect the work. Notice the unique feel appeal by allowing your hand to really experience the “piano finish” smoothness and depth. These frames are painted on MDF and hardwoods for stability of the finish.